Name and address of the Data Protection Officer

Eugénio Manuel Ferreira Rodrigues, Av. da República 1105, n.º 1105, 4430-203 Vila Nova de Gaia

Appointment as Operational Data Protection Officer

Mr. Eugénio Rodrigues

I herewith and with immediate effect appoint you as the Data Protection Officer ? as stipulated in article 37º and subsequent articles of the GPRD (Regulamento UE 2016/679 de 27.04.2016) ? for AP | BRAZIL - Language Services.

You are entrusted with providing consultancy services and ad-hoc spot checks to ensure company-wide adherence to the provisions of the GPRD and to further data protection regulations. To this end, you may consult the data protection regulatory authority responsible for our company whenever clarification is required.
To facilitate the execution of your role as Data Protection Officer, you shall report directly to management. You shall act without being subject to supervisory instruction in the application of your expertise in the area of data protection and shall be supported by management in your executional endeavours.

In concrete terms, your duties shall be derived from the GPRD and shall, specifically, be aligned with the article 37 and subsequent articles. Accordingly, your legally stipulated duties shall include, in particular:

- the supervision of the correct application of data processing programs, which are to assist in the processing of personal data; to this end, time-appropriate reports are to be furnished that pertain to prospective projects involving the automated processing of personal data, and

- ensuring that those involved in the processing of personal data remain apprised of the statutes of data protection regulations, as well as the respective associated data protection imperatives. I would like to particularly emphasise the obligation of confidentiality incumbent upon you with regard to the identity of those concerned as well as to any parameters that might permit identification of those individuals ? unless you are explicitly released from this obligation by the individuals thus impacted.