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AP | BRAZIL - Language Services belongs to the AP | LANGUAGE SERVICES group and was specially created to perform translations from and to the brazilian variant of Portuguese. This is because, despite the unification of the Portuguese language, the particularities of it used in Brazil remain. That is why the jobs of AP | BRAZIL are completed in Brazil and by experienced native professionals.

AP | BRAZIL relies on more than 10 years of experience and a vast pool of translators, who are specialised in various languages and fields. Ensure a quick turn-around for both large and small projects and expect a fair and highly competitive price. We know that when an agency contracts a freelance translator to carry out a translation project from/to the Portuguese language, it is often very difficult to ascertain the quality and carry out the respective proofreading.

AP | BRAZIL belongs to AP | LANGUAGE SERVICES Group, which is certified by the European Standard of Quality EN 15038:2006. The companies of AP | LANGUAGE SERVICES Group are based in Oporto (Portugal).

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Why choose AP | BRAZIL? 

1. EXPERIENCE - Our language services are powered by several years of experience and knowledge.

2. QUALITY/PRICE - Our main goal is to offer fair prices to allow our business a continuous investment in quality services, without jeopardizing our clients' projects.

3. HUMAN RESOURCES QUALIFICATION - We have a large portfolio of translators, interpreters and other collaborators, whose education and experience, ensure excellent results even in the most demanding projects.

4. EFFECTIVE COORDINATION - AP | BRAZIL professionals are managed by Mário Júnior (member of the American Translators Association), who is an expert in the areas of translation, project management and workforce management.

5. DEADLINES - It is our company's policy to set targets for the delivery of projects in a timely manner. We have a large pool of language services professionals, which allows us to quickly respond quickly to our clients.