Quality Policy

Translation agency certified by the EN15038

AP | BRAZIL is well aware of the importance of Quality for the success and valorisation of your company.

A Quality Management System was implemented to comply with the European quality standard for language services - EN 15038: 2006 - which aims to fill the requirements and the continuous improvement of all its processes.

The EN Standard 15038, published in 2006 by the European Committee for Standardisation, aims at defining quality requirements, as well as certifying translation services, according to the quality of processes implemented.

AP | BRAZIL relies on these principles and calls for a proactive and responsible attitude of all employees, to promote continuous improvement and effectiveness of their quality management system, pledging to ensure the human, technical and financial resources to this project.

AP | BRAZIL belongs to AP | LANGUAGE SERVICES Group, which is certified by the European Standard of Quality EN 15038:2006.

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